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Studio Deodara
494 Red Cloud School Rd
Warkworth ON
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Ordering and Payment

To order an item you have seen here, or to discuss a special design, please contact us by phone, fax or email.

Deodara is a small studio based business. As much as we would like to think that everyone who orders directly from us is honest and will pay promptly... let's just say that prudence is the best practice when it comes to money!

Payments can be made by certified cheque, money order or COD upon delivery. All applicable provincial and federal taxes and shipping will be included.


We can ship your order anywhere in the world by regular mail or courier service. This generally means you receive your item three to five days from the time of shipping.

A nominal $10 handling fee is added to the price of your order to cover the cost of shipping materials.

We do not believe in making money on shipping! If it costs $12 to ship from our studio to your home, that is what it will cost you... no more and no less. Total shipping and handling cost on orders within Canada is typically $15 to $25 depending on the destination and weight of the package. Regular mail can be less.

Shipping costs to the USA or overseas will be higher.

Quality Statement & Damaged Items

Wood is a natural material that ‘lives’ even after the tree has been cut and a finished product made with the timber. Due to the cell structure of wood it will ‘move’ (expand, contract, warp and in the extreme, crack) as humidity levels change. Here at Studio Deodara we recognize this aspect of working with wood, and do our best to minimize the effects. We only use well dried hardwoods and work with the figure and grain to minimize movement in the finished pieces. However, we cannot guarantee that a finished piece will not move slightly as the years pass. It is the organic nature of wood that makes it such a warm and inviting material to use and touch.

All Studio Deodara pieces are finished with Tung Oil, a highly durable, food-safe, stain-resistant oil that has been used since ancient times. All salad bowls, and platters can be handed washed with warm soapy water. On functional pieces used frequently, the finish will last for years, and can easily be renewed with an application of Tung Oil or good quality olive oil. On decorative pieces the finish should not need any attention.

When shipping product, each piece is individually cushion wrapped before being packaged for shipping. Although damage during shipping is extremely rare, we will replace any item damaged in transit... simply return the damaged item in a well wrapped box.