The Wood I Use

A living tree is an amazing organism that supports many other life forms. That is why you will find that most Studio Deodara pieces are made with recovered wood, or wood that comes from environmentally friendly sources. Much of the wood I use I have personally recovered from fallen trees or wood that has been donated by friends and neighbours. I make a concerted effort to ensure that the specialty woods are harvested in a sustainable manner.

Select a Gallery

Bowls Gallery Bowls GalleryBowls in maple, walnut, beech
and black cherry.

Platters Gallery Platters GalleryCheese and other serving platters
in maple, walnut, black cherry, purpleheart, bubinga and padauk.

Burls Gallery Burls GalleryBurls in maple and other exotics.

Boxes Gallery Boxes GalleryLidded boxes for your treasures
or display.

Open Vessels Gallery Open Vessels GalleryVine baskets, flower vases
and other decorative pieces.

Signature Gallery Signature GalleryUniquely designed pieces
for the garden and home.