Studio Deodara features the unique designs of woodturner David Lyon (right) who produces functional bowls, serving platters and decorative pieces in his Warkworth, Ontario studio. Select maple, walnut, beech, cherry and other exotic woods are used to create beautiful and functional gifts for weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions. His works are as beautiful to touch as they are to look at and use. Explore the Gallery to see an up to date selection of offerings.

David Lyon

Woodturner David Lyon
- photo Nancy Powers

David Lyon
“I am always conscious of working with a living material. My designs therefore, are influenced by the uniqueness of the wood. Working with knots, crevices, grain and figures, I attempt to unveil, with as much simplicity of design as possible, the natural beauty inherent in each piece. I find true pleasure in the tactile nature of this work and the kinetic flow of the piece. My goal is to imbue this sense of joy into each piece I create. My company name Deodara is taken from the tree species Cedrus deodara or the Himalayan cedar. The word deodara is from the Sanskrit and means 'timber of the gods'.”